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    We are the only TOEFL centre in Nigeria that offers a comprehensive TOEFL diagnostic tests and give students their results with comprehensive corrections. Our diagnostic test is being offered for free for a short time period, so brace up and grab yourself the opportunity now

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    Scoring 310 and above in your TOEFL PDT or IBT is far easier than you think!

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    Our TOEFL program offers a comprehensive coverage of all the sections in TOEFL, we have the best faculty and facilities. We offer a week of intensive reviews and personalized feedback for every student who comes onboard. Whats more, we keep you up to date with scholarship opportunities and free study abroad consultation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should i take TOEFL ?
    • Having a good TOEFL test score, allows you to apply to study at many international schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies, which recognize and ask for this English language test on their admission requirements.
    • TOEFL is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 9,000 organisations in more than 135 countries, for education, immigration and professional purposes.
    How does your TOEFL program work?
    Our full TOEFL training is a total of 6 weeks, while the main course is just 4 weeks, we strongly encourage students to participate in the complete program. Classes hold at our centres in lekki and yaba, however students can get a tutor if we do not yet have classes near them. We also have an online solution that allows students to participate in the training virtually and take advantage of our student and faculty community. Students can join our weekday classes, Monday - Thursday or our weekend classes - Friday to Sunday. We also have evening classes coming soon.

    What do i need to score in TOEFL?
    TOEFL scores always range from 0 to 9 (“non-user” to “expert”). You can also get a score ending in .5, for example, 6.5, 7.5., 8.5. Each individual TOEFL Skill (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) gets a band score in this range. Having an overall band score of 6.5 is usually sufficient for whatever travel purpose an individual may have. In some cases scoring higher than 6.5 dramatically increases the individual's chances of securing whatever opportunity they are trying to pursue.
    What if i just need help with a particular section or segment?
    Very often we receive students who feel they need assistance in very specific areas. We try to accommodate such requests and focus on the section where the student feels they display the most weakness, however we generally discourage this approach as it typically robs the student of their best possible score

    How exactly does the scholarship and consultation work?
    We have an in-house team that scouts the web for scholarship opportunities for our students, we are also actively connecting with universities of interest across the world and making it easier for our students to gain exclusive opportunities to study in the best schools.
    How is the exam structured and should i expect TOEFL test structure?
    TOEFL consists of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. There are 40 questions in a variety of formats: multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling; note, flow-chart, summary or sentence completion; short-answers. The Listening test has four parts: First, you will hear a conversation between two people set in an everyday social context. The Listening, Reading and Writing sections of all TOEFL tests are completed on the same day, with no breaks in between them. The Speaking section, however, can be completed up to a week before or after the other tests. In the reading section, there are 40 questions in a variety of formats: multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling; note, flow-chart, summary or sentence completion; short-answers. Finally the writing section of TOEFL which is comprised of 2 tasks depending on whether it is the general training version or the academic version of the test .

    Educere TOEFL Faculty

    Educere Tutors TOEFL faculty consist of tutors with years of experience teaching TOEFL, our course content is structured based on research on the best TOEFL programs in the world. Our facilities are equipped with teaching aids and devices so that students can even simulate their tests before hand.

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