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    We are the only GRE centre in Nigeria that offers a comprehensive GRE diagnostic tests and give students their results with comprehensive corrections. Our diagnostic test is being offered for free for a short time period, so brace up and grab yourself the opportunity now

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    Our GRE program offers a comprehensive coverage of all the sections in GRE, we have the best faculty and facilities. We offer a week of intensive reviews and personalized feedback for every student who comes onboard. Whats more, we keep you up to date with scholarship opportunities and free study abroad consultation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should i take GRE ?
    • The Graduate Record Examination or GRE, is a vital step in the application process for graduate school or business school. The GRE is a multi-choice, computer-based, standardized examination that is often required globally for admission to graduate programs and graduate business (MBA) programmes.
    • Testmaker ETS designs and administers the GRE to provide specific metrics for university and business schools to assess the credentials of students and train themselves for degree-level academic work. Graduate and business school admissions committees look at your GRE score, together with your academic record and supporting materials, to evaluate your readiness for graduate rigors of academic study.
    How does your GRE program work?
    Our full GRE training is a total of 6 weeks, while the main course is just 4 weeks, we strongly encourage students to participate in the complete program. Classes hold at our centres in lekki and yaba, however students can get a tutor if we do not yet have classes near them. We also have an online solution that allows students to participate in the training virtually and take advantage of our student and faculty community. Students can join our weekday classes, Monday - Thursday or our weekend classes - Friday to Sunday. We also have evening classes coming soon.

    What do i need to score in GRE?
    Look at the requirements–or minimum, if applicable–for the graduate or business programs you are applying for when considering your GRE score goal. That will let you know your baseline for the score. If you can identify accepted applicants ' mean or average GRE ranking, you'll be able to determine whose GRE level would render you a successful candidate.The GRE's Verbal and Quant sections are graded between 130 and 170 each. Regarding Verbal Reasoning the mean score is 151, and for Quantitative Reasoning the mean score is 153. The Analytical Writing Evaluation is scored in half-point ranges between 0 and 6, and the mean score is 4.0.Which is the key message? A high GRE score like 166 and 162 for Quant and Verbal respectively, will have a direct, positive impact on your application for a degree or business school
    What if i just need help with a particular section or segment?
    Very often we receive students who feel they need assistance in very specific areas. We try to accommodate such requests and focus on the section where the student feels they display the most weakness, however we generally discourage this approach as it typically robs the student of their best possible score

    How exactly does the scholarship and consultation work?
    We have an in-house team that scouts the web for scholarship opportunities for our students, we are also actively connecting with universities of interest across the world and making it easier for our students to gain exclusive opportunities to study in the best schools.
    How is the exam structured and should i expect GRE test structure?
    The GRE material is broken down into three scored test pieces, two of which are scored individually, These scores are generated by the following sections:
    • Analytical Writing Assessment section
    • Verbal Reasoning sections
    • Quantitative Reasoning sections
    You will also see one of the following sections: Unscored (may be either verbal reasoning or quantitative reasoning) Analysis (used for the purposes of ETS analysis) Total Approximate Time: 4 hours

    Educere GRE Faculty

    Educere Tutors GRE faculty consist of tutors with years of experience teaching GRE, our course content is structured based on research on the best GRE programs in the world. Our facilities are equipped with teaching aids and devices so that students can even simulate their tests before hand

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