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Educere is a community that brings professional, competent online tutors and lesson teachers in Nigeria right to your home (literally). We aim to break from the norm of formal education by providing competent tutors for everything you want to learn. Our services are offered not just in Nigeria but also in Africa. We offer a wide variety of courses and subjects for all ages.

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We Google search for a SAT tutor. we found Educere, Mr Lekan and his team prepared my son for his exam in less than two-month .he got 1400 in his SAT exams. I love their teamwork and passion

Mrs Badmus

Mrs Badmus


I was looking at a score of 250 to 280 for my GRE test in post graduate courses . but when I got tutored my educere and his team .I got 320 in GRE test and I got. admissions to three different schools in America.

Ibikun Isiaka

Ibikun Isiaka


A friend of mine recommend Educere to me and we hire one of their tutors to teach my daughter mathematics. Presently kamachi has moved from set 4 to set 1 and she is one of the great students in her set, not only that kamachi now enjoy mathematics. Thanks for Educere.

Mrs Nwoji

Mrs Nwoji


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Are you satisfied with your child's academic performance? Do you think he / she can do better academically if assisted? Do you need a competent and professional online home tutor in Nigeria to help shape the academic performance of your child? That’s why we are here, get your child a home tutor today and see him / her move from average to excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you operate?
Three easy steps: The client/parent is required to fill our online form which helps us collect all the important information about the student that we need to match them to a highly suitable tutor. We search our database for tutors who suit your preference and are knowledgeable in the subject or skill you wish to learn. We also handle all negotiations with tutors and send the most suitable tutor to you. Want to See our Various Price Options so as to have a view of your Expected Tuition? Click Here
How do I know he/she is a responsible individual?
The home is a very sacred place and we take extra precautions to ensure that our tutors are not only highly responsible but in a case of any reported issues we are able to track them. Educere handles the cost of elaborate due diligence on the tutor.

Why work with Educere instead of getting a Home Tutor myself?
We have access to over 20000 Home tutors in different specialities and locations across Nigeria. This makes it possible for us to match your ward with the very best tutors without any stress for you. We work with your budget and make the entire process as flexible as possible. We can also be of help in situations where you need to make a drastic change, such as changing location, changing the tutor (for whatever reason) or changing the subjects being taught by the tutor
How do you charge and what are the rates?
We charge based on a number of factors; What is the specialty of the knowledge or skill that is to be taught? How many people/children is the tutor expected to handle? Number of days for tutoring and how many hours will each session last Location of learner The level of experience that the client requires the tutor to have The age of the child. To determine our exact rates for your request, please fill the tutor request form first and an agent will contact you with price details. Want to See our Various Price Options so as to have a view of your Expected Tuition? Click Here

What ages and classes do you work with?
We work with students from ages 4 upwards. However, for any child between 4 and 8 we require that a nanny or guardian must be present with the child at all times while the tutor is teaching/coaching the child. This is because our tutors ARE NOT NANNIES and will not provide any extra service like feeding the child outside teaching.
What if the fee is beyond my budget?
We do our best to ensure that we are able to work within reasonable budgets (usually above 30,000 per month) and since we work with such a large number of tutors we are always able to find tutors within your budget. Want to See our Various Price Options so as to have a view of your Expected Tuition? Click Here

Become a Home Tutor in Nigeria

Educere Tutors provides an avenue for experienced teachers to manage and grow their home tutoring business. Did you know that there are over 500,000 parents in Nigeria willing to pay a premium (probably equal to or more than your regular school salary) to teach their kids or even them according to a professional standard?

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