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Pay Service Fee

This fee is charged per learner. It is an upfront commitment fee that allows us facilitate all the logistic efforts required in connecting you with the desired tutor.
The Service fee you will pay is ₦2500.

Speak with a Class Consultant

Once your service fee has been confirmed. A class consultant will get in touch to intimately understand all the learning goals in a bid to create an ideal Educere class account for you.

View Tutor Profile

Once your Educere account is created, we send you the profile of the most ideal tutor for your class. All our tutors have gone through a thorough vetting process that comprises of academic tests, personality tests and teaching practice demonstrations. At this stage, you can view the tutor profile of the selected Educere tutor and interact with them over the phone before opting to hire them

Pay for Lesson

Once a decision is final and concrete, the learner or parent of the learner is required to pay the agreed tuition 100% upfront before lessons can start. The Agreed Tuition amount for your request is #

Start Lesson

Once the parent of the learner/learner has paid for the lessons, she is assigned to a Class relationship manager that would be responsible for managing the class henceforth. The class relationship manager is responsible for ensuring all the tutoring goals are met within the stipulated time. The CRM is also responsible for addressing any changes in the original class created by the consultant.

Service Fee

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