The needed documents for verification include a profile picture and a valid identity card. You are adviced to complete the registration on Chrome or Mozilla.

Dear Tutor,

Welcome to Educere tutor registration portal. This page contains a picture demo that will help you understand what the whole registration process entails. If you think you do not need to go through this brief, please click “Skip Demo” at the bottom of this page, and start your registration. However, we advise all prospective tutors to go through this page carefully to fully understand the entire process and avoid not being verified from the first instance due to corrections on their profile.

Note that you are not supposed to replicate the picture demo, it is just a guide for you to understand what is needed at every instance. And the best part, you can come back to this page as many times as you want through the registration process; all you will need to do is click on “click here to view Welcome Page” at the top left corner whenever you need to navigate back here. Furthermore, if you want to go back to the point where you were, you can click on “click here to go back ” at the top left corner. No need to worry, all your information will remain intact. This is a perfect time to verify your email, if you do not verify your email you will not be able to go past stage 3.

Please make sure you fill in all relevant fields else your profile will not be verified. This whole process should take you approximately 45 minutes to complete, Goodluck.

Getting Started

Stage 1 : Personal Information

3 - 4 mins to complete

Carefully provide personal information, this includes name, contact, address and a bio about yourself.

Note that all information you provide here will bu verified using multiple means, so make sure all information is correct to the best of your knowledge to avoid not being verified.

You can also click on "Click here to preview profile" to see what your profile looks like at every point in the registration process.

Stage 2 : Educational Background

3 - 4 mins to complete

Provide information on your most recent educational qualifications and certifications.

Do you have any type of degree or certification that enhances your skill as a prospective tutor? Tell us about it.

Do you have any teaching experience, if yes, tell us when and where, if no, thats okay, you can still tell us about other experiences you have in the "Work Experience section". Make sure you select the option that most describe your experience

Stage 3 : Verification Process

5 mins to complete (Could take 4 hours for your profile to be approved)

Upload a nice professional picture, link one of your social media accounts so we can verify you, upload an identification card, provide bank account details and put in the information of your referee.

All the information you provide have to match. The images show you exactly what you need.

**We vouch that tutors can go to the homes of clients with good will and behaviour. For us to confidently stand on ground with this promise, we need to know as much about the tutor as possible. The same way clients trust us to bring in "unknown" tutors to their homes is the same way they trust us to verify the said tutors identity. Also note that your details are confidential and Educere will not share your bank account details with any third parties, we collect your account information and ID card strictly for verification purposes.

Stage 4 : Tutoring Information

(30 - 45 mins to complete)

Now tell us what days and time you will be available to tutor and how much you expect to be paid for each class. We have a tutor calculator that can help you see exactly how things work at Educere.

Go ahead and select all the class groups and subject you can tutor efficiently, take the test for each subject and then create a profile for each test taken ( it is important to write a seperate profile for each subject because these subjects have different approaches and techniques. Furthermore, this information will be on your profile for prospective clients to see, make sure you impress them). If you fail a test, thats ok, you can practice and write again after 3 months

Stage 5 : How it Works

Bravo, You have finally finished the registration process and this is your dashboard. Congratulations Educere Ng Tutor, you can now apply to any job post on our 'Tutoring Jobs' Page that applies to you and better still, clients can now see and contact you for job offers. Good luck on your Educere journey

If you experience any issues, Click here to fill our complaint form. We will address it and get back to you